Centro Bilingüe is an official kindergarten and an official language school since 1998.

Throughout these years we have had both English and Spanish speaking students, which has favored multiculturalism in our center, both for parents and students.

Taking advantage of the fact that human beings establish their brain connections for the learning of a language during the first years of life, in Centro Bilingüe we have created an innovative educational project with which we want to favor bilingualism with the help and experience of a great team of professionals.

nuestras instalac-12Our curriculum is based on the belief that learning is more effective when it is fun and meaningful. Moreover we believe that enjoyment provides motivation and encourages students to continue with their studies.

At Centro Bilingüe we aim to offer a safe stimulating environment for children with toys, games, and activities which give each child the opportunity to explore and discover, allowing him or her to develop physical and social skills according to their developmental stages.

The curriculum includes creative play, music, pre-math, language skills and physical activities, by providing a broad range of activities, Centro Bilingüe caters for all your child physical, intellectual, educational, social and language needs, instilling children with confidence in their own abilities before entering school.


The Bilingual Center stays open from September to July, except in local, national, vespers and holidays of December.

Our schedule is completely flexible, adapting to the needs of each family From 2 hours to 7 hours.


We offer:

  • Morning Classroom: From 7:30 in the morning (although the schedule can be adapted to your personal needs).
  • Class schedule: Between 9:00 and 2:00 p.m.
  • Dining room service from 2:15 p.m.: With food brought from home, which is what the little ones like the most.
  • Monthly programming
  • Camps: we open our doors to children over 3 years in holiday period: Christmas, Easter and summer.
  • Parties: We celebrate several annual parties coinciding with special moments such as: Halloween, Christmas (with the special visit of Santa Claus), Churritos ´party, Easter, Carnival, “Feria” and end of school year fieldtrip.


We are in El Puerto de Santa María, on street Padre Ellacuría nº1.

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